Security or aesthetics? Why not both?

Combining the warmth of wood, a sculptural element and the strength of steel, we provided the perfect balance for our client. The brief was to prevent access to the upper floor of a spectacular new house designed by TMBA (Pty) Ltd, by means of a security screen measuring 3000mm x 3000mm, without using exposed steel...whilst reflecting the natural beauty of the rural property. The solution was creating a 3D rendering of our design concept, which led to the construction of three wooden panels, bolted and eventually joined together, depicting the shape of the trees on the property and reflecting the ambience of the design of the house, reinforced with inlayed and invisible 10mm steel bars (welded together at every join) to create an impenetrable barrier. This concept can be adapted to create decorative security doors, room dividers and even shutters.

Knysna, South Africa