"A bystander asked an equestrian sculptor how he did it.
The sculptor replied: I just chip away everything that does not look like a horse"  - Unknown

Karel is a hands-on sort of guy. His fingers literally play sculptural music with clay, as they knead and shape, and “thumb” and pinch. A magical process in which very few and only rudimentary tools are employed. This is the creative process that he calls “a visual distillation of the subject, until only its most potent essence remains”. Interpreting that essence into a three-dimensional sculpture has seen him create works varying from the most intricate woodcarvings of birds, to elaborate life-sized bronze sculptures of South African wildlife. The expansive range of his versatility has also resulted in impressions of the human form, employing a variety of mediums in their execution. Bronze is clearly the vehicle through which his individual style of expressiveness fluently translates.

Karels’ sculptures are cast by Renzo Vignali artistic foundry, the oldest of its kind in Southern Africa. Using the cire perdue (lost wax) method, the pure mastery of fine craftsmanship brings the pieces to life, only awaiting a careful fettling and finishing of the raw casting. Like a fine artist approaching a primed canvas, Karel formulates and concocts his patinas to compliment each piece, carefully taking light and shade into consideration. All works are both limited and signed editions, rarely numbering more than nine castings per work. The K.du Toit signature is becoming recognized amongst art dealers and collectors alike, indicating a sound basis for investing in this vast resource of talent.

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Knysna Loerie 57cm tall

Bronze life-size Knysna Loerie 57cm tall

Knysna Loerie 57cm tall

Bronze life-size Knysna Loerie 57cm tall

Knysna Loerie 57cm tall

Bronze life-size Knysna Loerie 57cm tall


Bronze Meerkats

Flat-Necked Chameleon

Commissioned bronze flat-necked chameleon

Flat-necked chameloen

Commissioned bronze flat-necked chameleon


Bronze Egret 40cm tall


Bronze Egret 40cm tall


Lifesize Cheetah 2

Cheetah edition of 2 - 500mm tall


Life-size Bush Babies

Life-Size Bush Baby

Life-Size Genet

Life-Size Genet

Life-Size Genet






Cheetah Head


Pygmy Kingfisher

Pied Kingfisher


Pair of Cheetahs

Mr. Hopper

Chico meets his match..

(Babysitter) Meerkat

Bronze Guineafowl with chicks

Blue Duiker

Teetering on the edge of anarchy


Oh my Darwin!


- Pied Kingfisher

Bat Eared fox small

Pygmy Kingfisher. Bronze unique

Rudolf, Rhino. Bronze limited edition of 11

Blue Duiker, the reclusive 'phantom' of the Knysna Forest. Bronze limited edition of 9

Surricate, a.k.a Meerkat. Bronze limited edition of 11

Bronze Giraffe, Edition of 7

Gerald, Guinea Fowl. Bronze limited edition of 15

African Elephant. Bronze limited edition of 11

Spike, Giant Kingfisher. Bronze limited edition of 7

Jerome, Cape White-Eye, Bronze limited edition of 11

Herbert, African Hoopoe. Bronze limited edition of 9

Gordon, Warthog, Bronze limmited edition of 15

Cape Clawless Otter. Bronze limited edition of 3

Seymore the Seahorse in Wild Olive & Pink Ivory

Micheal - Malachite Kingfisher in Zebra Wood

Daphne - Double Collared Sunbird in Wild Olive & Mopani

Malachite Kingfisher on reeds in Wild Olive, Red Ivory, Stinkwood & brass

A couple of ducks

Jemima puddle duck - White backed duck in Wild Olive

Lou Reed - Knysna Loerie in Wild Olive

Helmut - Helmeted Guineafowl in Wild Olive

Horace - African Hoopoe in Wild Olive

Howard - Hottentiot Teal in Wild Olive

Mr. Brown - Brown Hoosed Kingfishger in Wild Olive & Mopani

Mr White - Whitefaced Whistling Duck in Wild Olive

Mildred - Malachite Kingfisher in African Zebrano

Pigmy Kingfisher in Wild Olive

Steve & Seamus - Knysna Seahorses in Wild Olive

Wayne - Southern Right Whale in Wild Olive

Sheila - Sunbird in Zebra Wood

Knysna, South Africa

Horace - African Hoopoe in Wild Olive