"There are a thousand thoughts lying within a man that he does not know till he takes up a pen to write"- William M Thackeray

Assegai pens are sculpted predominantly out of timber harvested from the iconic 80 000 hectare Knysna Forest. Ironwood, Stinkwood, Yellowwod, Candlewood and Boekenhout (Cape Beech) are some of our preferred timbers, but we often use woods sourced from further afield, such as Wild Olive, Kiaat, Mopani, Leadwood and even Gabon Ebony. Not every piece of wood makes the grade though - only pieces of timber displaying exceptional markings or characteristics are used. After all, the body of a pen is a very small canvas on which to give justice to the true beauty of the wood.

Each pen is finished with at least six coats of shellac dissolved in surgical spirit - even though this process takes time, it produces a natural brilliance and exquisite feel that commercial finishes just cannot match. 

Fountain pens are packaged in a black display case with a felt lining and all the other pens are nestled in a suede-textured pouch together with a card specifying the timber species and the refill requirements. All Assegai pens, apart from the fountain pens and rollerball pens, use either Parker-style or Cross-style refills - these are available virtually anywhere in the world. 

Because there are so many styles of pens, then even more types of timber and endless variety of shapes, it would be impossible to show every possible pen that has been or can be made. Whether you want 50 matching pen and pencil sets in Wild Olive as a corporate gift, or an elegant fountain pen in Gabon Ebony as a birthday gift, whatever your requirements, we can supply "Hout Couture" for any occasion! 

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Knysna, South Africa